Blue Ted Baker Fabric and lace top

Well the nice lady that sold me this fabric at £3.50/meter said it was Ted Baker, so who am I to argue???  IMG_1765

I have searched for a new pattern or even just a bit of inspiration in the usual pattern books, and I must say they are really quite dull and uninteresting……

So as usual I end up tweaking one of my old faithful Burda patterns (although I am a bit tired of doing the same old … same old).  This time I decided to use a contrasting piece of lace in the seem at the shoulders, around the neck and also at the hem.  OK, just tell me if it’s too much 🙂

IMG_1767  IMG_1770

I think it’s quite cute really. I have loads of both fabrics left over so need a good think about what to make next …. Ideas welcome


Ted Baker fabric yellow and black top

I bought this fabric a few months ago on Preston market.  It’s apparently Ted Baker fabric.  I bought the same design in blue also, which it’s gorg’ and I actually prefer it to this yellow, but I can’t quite decide what to make with it.  This beautiful fabric was £3.50/metre and is lovely, although quite difficult to sew and you absolutely must pin and tack before you sew the slippery stuff! IMG_1701

Anyway I found a nice pale lilac length of satin bias binding to edge the neck , but there wasn’t quite enough on the roll to edge the sleeves also, which was my original plan.  Then while waiting to pay I saw these lovely laser-cut zips and just had to treat myself.  The odd thing is tho’ that these very pretty zips are actually invisible zips – so where’s the logic in that?  No-one but you knows you’ve used an invisible zip so why go to the effort of making it so cute?  Before I knew it I was buying a bit of fine black lace to match….

I am not so sure about the end result.  I think it’s maybe a bit too “full-on bling” for me….being a shy retiring type (Hahahahahaha not!) Let me know what you think, I won’t be offended honest. IMG_1704


Barcelona fabric heaven

A couple of weeks ago I went to Barcelona for a long weekend.  It was such a lovely weekend.  Lots of exploring, gastronomic delights, and also a little bit of shopping.

We combined a bit of chilling in Barcelona with the excitement of the Catalan Moto GP in Montmelo. It was fantastic.

IMG_1673 IMG_1672

Anyway, I found this gorgeous fabric shop round the corner from our hotel.  I spent ages looking round but I just couldn’t decide what to buy so went empty handed.  But just look at the window displays.  Aren’t they wonderful 🙂

I love it. IMG_1671 IMG_1675



Gorgeous Navy and Red Contrast Top

This little top was made from remnants of fabric leftover from a gorgeous IMG_1624long-sleeved batwing top I made a week ago.  I bought the fabric from a local Lancashire mill shop.  It’s another easy-peasy to make top.  It’s exactly the same pattern I used for the, “Floral remnant stylish top with brooch” which I posted a couple of months ago.  It’s so easy that you can have it made in one afternoon.

Considering it’s made from remnants it looks great.  I especially like the back with the light blue stripy pattern.  I haven’t worn it yet but I am sure it’ll be a favourite this summer with jeans, shorts or linen trousers.IMG_1626

I used a Burda pattern from the 07/2011 collection, and adapted it slightly as I didn’t want the tie at the neck which is a feature in the original pattern. 113B_tech_dwg_large_large

Big splash red and navy flower top

IMG_1619  IMG_1618   Well I was supposed to be shopping for oriental fabric for my daughter’s hair-dressing completion…it’s a long story, see my previous post.  While I was out looking I came across this absolutely beautiful fabric.  It’s a knitted, thickish jersey and the man in the shop tells me that he’s seen dresses at £200 made out of it.  Well I must say I love red and navy, and this fabric is stunning.  I paid £4.50/metre from one of my favourite Lancashire mill shops.  The print is spectacular with this huge red flower on a navy blue background.  Ideally I would make a dress out of this, but I know it would sit in my wardrobe and hardly ever be worn.

So I have made this slash-neck top with bat-wing sleeves to get the “full-on bling” of the flower.  I know I am going to wear this over and over again.  Looks wonderful with jeans, and the tapered sleeves give it a fitted feel.  It’s a Burda pattern 118 in the 04/2011 edition, but I have made it without the seam across the bust – front and back to make the most of the gorgeous huge flower print. Oh yes, and I have enough left over to make another little top.


Green and Red Dragon Kimono

It was my daughter’s year 3 hairdressing competition last week, and there was a last minute panic about the costume, and as usual Mum to the rescue….

She has been planning the hair for ages and she did a fantastic job, but I had to rush out and buy some suitable fabric and make the Kimono and Obi last Saturday 😦 for her model to wear.

My daughter had to forfeit her Saturday night out on the town to help me make it 🙂

I trawled the local places I go to for fabric looking for something a bit special, something with a large geometric design or big chrysanthemums but couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I used this traditional brocade with oriental design.  IMG_1616I love the rich green colour used for the kimono.  The intention was to wear the obi with the wrong side of the fabric facing because it was a gorgeous orange shade and would have contrasted brilliantly with the colours in the green kimono.  In the end my daughter decided to use it with the right side showing, and it still looks fine.IMG_1617

I used a Burda pattern (116) in the 2/2012 edition.  It was so easy to make.  Hope you like the kimono and the fabulous hair do by my clever girl.


Cat and Mouse…with intestines on display


This pussy-cat was ‘specially made for a good friend of mine.  Well really it was for her husband who has a very much loved puddy called, “Sox.”  Apparently Sox is quite partial to a delicious mouse for breakfast. Of course it has to be carefully prepared by that well-known cat culinary technique of clawing and biting until petrified and half IMG_1531 (2)dead. Probably then bitten clean in half and left on the door step (if anything like my puddy) with just a sprinkling of garnish to finish.  I am sure he must be so very proud of himself!

So here is Sox; a black cat with cute little white sox and furry white bits on his chest and face.  He’s quite dapper with his pin-stripe trousers and red braces, and suit tails with red lining.  Although there’s something a bit Dracularesque  about him…Oh yes that’s probably the half devoured mouse with his intestines hanging out and hanging by its tail from the puddy-cat’s mouth. lol.  I love his, “what? Not me!” expression on his face 🙂

IMG_1532  IMG_1524 (2)